Easter Musical Drama (by Fenny West)



the Crucifixion and Resurrection

I did this for you resurrection angel & Mary (2) resurrection empty tomb cross resurrection cross resurrection 2 (2)


This is a dramatic musical presentation of the ministry of Jesus (briefly) and a few events that led to his crucifixion and eventual culmination and the resurrection as prophesied in the scriptures.

Songs showing videos and live performances (with lyrics given) are used to reinforce various scenes up to the resurrection and exhortation after Jesus died. This could be a picture of our lives at various stages and we need to persevere and trust God for a resurrection even as Jesus rose from the dead. When Lazarus died and four days had past it seemed a hopeless situation but when Jesus arrived He turned the situation around. There is no hopeless situation with God.

This Musical can be performed anytime (especially during the Easter season). It can be adapted as required to suit the time available. You don’t have to sing all the songs. You can also replace the songs with the songs you prefer.

I thank God for inspiring me to package these songs which came at different times in my life to fit this season.


Dramatis personae (Characters )


Act 1Scene 1 Jesus Begins His ministry: song: The Spirit of the Lord


1.     Jesus

2.     His disciples ( John-t he beloved and Peter, James and others)

3.     John the Baptists disciples

4.     Crowd

5.     Two thieves on the cross with Him

6.     Two soldiers who watched over Him

7.     John the beloved and some other disciples

8.     His mother

9.     Mary Magdalene

10.Those who rose from the dead

11.Relative of the person who rose from the dead

Act one : scene1

Jesus begins His ministry after calling His disciples and goes in to the temple and reads Isa61:1-3 in a and all eyes are fixed on Him.

song : the Spirit of the Lord is on me


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