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 Sing A New Song


In spite of the millions of songs

In the gospel and praise and worship genre

Is there any need for New Songs?

What has SING a New SONG got to offer?

You’re about to make a discovery that will wow you.

Find out!


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  Sing a New Song -Fenny West  

Sing a New Song

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Book Description

Author Biography

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Chapters of the Book with sample poems, songs or article link

Book Description

Sing a New Song is a Book of over 101 Songs & poems Fenny has written.

The themes covered include:

Praise, worship, faith, Prayer, inspiration, songwriting and ideal for any motivational speaker, Ministers of the Gospel craving excellence in their delivery, literature teacher, songwriting workshop/seminar co-ordinator, musician looking for a good song, card manufacturer, those desirous to make their card with a poem of their choice; those who have suffered a setback in their calling and simply looking for good inspiration to fulfil their destiny.

Do you have a vision that has suffered setbacks or taking long to bear fruit or under severe attack? If so this book is for you. Do you know of anyone who needs encouragement with regards to their vision, calling or assignment in life? If so why not bless them with a copy of this book.

The seed you sow will come back and bless you one day

Author Biography

Fenny is a teacher, singer/songwriter, motivational speaker, guitarist, artist and a contributor to many websites as an inspirational writer and has led and assisted worship leading in churches and in small group settings in England and Ireland and has organised concerts in which he featured as the main artiste or one of the artistes. He has five albums of songs composed so far. (All things are Possible. Rise to a New Dimension, Don’t Date Devils, Christ Has Risen, Sing the Psalms and Sing a New Song) His albums come as gift sets with a framed poem to match the album. He has also written some musicals with his songs.

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  • Phone: (01) 8479740

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  • Opening hours: Mon-Fri 9.30am-5pm (Closed for lunch 1-2pm)

  • Format: Paperback

  • Pages: 250

  • Dimensions: 152 x 229 x 14

  • Publication: 16 July 2010

  • Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

  • ISBN: 9781453503256

  • ISBN (Ten digit): 1453503250

  • Country of Publication: United States

  • Readership: General (Us: Trade)

Chapters of the Book with sample poems, songs or article link

1. Praise (prs)

sing new song

Born to Blaze His Praise


Sing a New Song

2. Worship, Giving(wor)


May Your Glory Be Seen ( song)

3. Thanks (Th)


Born to Give Glory ( Poem)

4. Holy Spirit (HS)


The Power of the Sprit works ( Bible Study)

5. Prayer (pra)


j0236249      Risen wedding gift2

Come, Holy Spirit ( prayer)

Lord, Be It  New Year and a New Beginning

6. Faith & Trust (F & T)

tn_j0353635  209[1] Hope against all hope

Stand Up to Face Your Goliath

David and Goliath

All things are Possible ( Video)

triumphant man  healingrisk-taker

7. Love (lov)

wedding pic003

Beloved, Beautiful, Beyond Compare;action=display;num=1196635856

Love is from Above

8. Evangelism(Ev)/Testimony/outreach

Copy of I stand and knock

Come to the Cross

Knowing God

9.  New Creation Realities

rainbow of his promise

Reformation to regeneration ( Poem /Song)

10. Spiritual Warfare (swf ),


Pull Down the Strongholds

11. Word (wd)


Let’s Go Treasure-hunting

Your Word, a Storehouse of Treasure

12. Prophetic (pro),


It’s a New Day, a New Year and New Beginning

13. Heaven, second coming (Eternity hvn)

make your mark2

He’s Coming

14. Chapter 14 Easter/Resurrection(Eas)

He's Alive!

It’s Time to Cross Over

15. Divine Direction (dd)

Divine Illumination ( Prayer)

16. The Church (BDY)


Unity of the Body Brings Glory

17. Closing Song/benediction (ben)

Bald Eagle in Flight

Peace from the Prince of Peace


1. Fill me from top to bottom

Fenny West is a Christian song writer, poet and a singer. This song talks of his heart’s desire and requests God to Fill him up in a song. To read his faith-inspiring poems, please visit;

2.  Sing a New Song


3. Jesus Turned It Around


All things are Possible


Song: All things are Possible

Excel Tutors:

Maths and English Specialists:

Ages 6-16, intensive preparation for GCSE; Entrance Exam and SATs preparation; booster lessons for children with learning difficulties or for giving your child a head-start; prepared to come to your home; teaching tailored to suit your needs; regular assessment and reporting; reasonable fees

Places limited

Contact: Fenny West


Inspirational  DVDs ( poems and messages & Songs)

Albums released:

  1. All things are Possible,

  2. Rise to a New Dimension,

  3. Don’t Date Devils,

  4. Christ Has Risen and

  5. Sing the Psalms (Psalms set to music)

(a double album).

Inspirational framed poems: For Gift Ideas, click, view, choose and order your framed inspirational product. It will come in a standard A4-sized frame.

 Allow 1 week.  contact us and Pay via Paypal. Products will be despatched after the receipt of funds. 

Products will be at a standard  price of £10 + £2.50 P0stage within the UK, £ 5.00 for other destinations unless otherwise indicated.

 (You would need a pdf reader to view the the products here. Download a  free pdf reader for this purpose)

Birthdayshappy birthday1 Happy Birthday2 Wedding lovedove1 love-flowery Hope has Heart                                                

FamilyHappy Mothers’ Day DAUGHTER remain blessed

 Encouragemet/inspiration: 1.all things are possible poster 3 2.all things are possible poster 2 3.dream 1 the best Hope 5. Has a Way 6.Go after God 7.Hope Has a Prayer 8.KEEP YOUR DREAM ALIVE! 9.make your mark4  faith213.walking on water 14oaks  15.make ur mark2 16.God of All comfort17.see the rainbow and sing 18. healing 2 19. healing 3 20.from tribulation to jubilation21. the just shall live by faith3 22.myhand in yoursrise , i say , rise 23.Risen    

  Friends 1.friends1 2.friends2 3.friends3 4.friends4good 5.friends4good1 6.friends5 7.friends poster


Wedding 1.wdding gift 1Michelle gift2wedding3 3.wedding4 

Praise1. Born to Blaze His Praise 2.sing a new song1 3.sing a new song2 4.sing a new song3 5.sing a new song4 6.sing a new song5 7.Unchanging changerthe great, good, glorious and victorious God

Anniversary1.Happy Anniversary 2.happy anniversary2


New year001 year 002 3.New year 003 4.New yearoo4Christmas Easter1.easter prince12.easterprince3 3.easterprince 7 4.easterprince 8 5.easterprince 9 6.easterprince 5risen2


 New -BornPRAISE THE LORD FOR NEW BORN 2. the righteous shall flourish 3.blessed 4.Born to Blaze His Praise

Congratulations/Success Wish1.CONGRATULATIONS FOR EXAM SUCCESS    

Thank You




Inspirational Book:Sing a New Song

Book page: Other Books

Books( including e-books and Audio books)

Inspirational Gift-sets- Sing a New Songsing a new song1 ( Framed poem& CD) Don’t Date Devils ( Framed Poems & CD) Rise to a New Dimensionrise a new ( Framed Poems & CD)

Customized product-

Make your own album from our archive of songs and poems

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Demo /Audio Recording

Studio /Equipment hiring


Publishing Assistant

Inspirational Songs and Musicals/ Concerts

Inspirational Songs

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Excel Tutors:

Maths and English Specialists:

Ages 6-16, intensive preparation for GCSE; Entrance Exam and SATs preparation; booster lessons for children with learning difficulties or for giving your child a head-start; prepared to come to your home; teaching tailored to suit your needs; regular assessment and reporting; reasonable fees

Places limited

Contact: Fenny West



penLearn poetry and songwriting on this page


In this School of Poetry, you learn by practise. I will begin with the different types of poetry I have written- giving you the definitions and examples. I will encourage you to try it yourself to hone your skill. feel free to send it to me for an honest opinion.

At a later stage, I will introduce poetic songs and poems for special occasions and creative use of poetry.

Great to have you here!

Poetry  Lessons

Basic Building Block of Poetry

What is a Poem
A metrical composition; a composition in verse written in certain measures, whether in blank verse or in rhyme and characterized by imagination and poetic diction;

BLANK verse is a type of poetry, distinguished by having a regular meter, but no rhyme. In English, the meter most commonly used with blank verse has been iambic pentameter (like that which is used in Shakespearean plays).


The basic definition of rhyme is two words that sound alike. The vowel sound of two words is the same, but the initial consonant sound is different. Rhyme is perhaps the most recognizable convention of poetry, but its function is often overlooked. Rhyme helps to unify a poem; it also repeats a sound that links one concept to another, thus helping to determine the structure of a poem. When two subsequent lines rhyme, it is likely that they are thematically linked, or that the next set of rhymed lines signifies a slight departure. Especially in modern poetry, for which conventions aren’t as rigidly determined as they were during the English Renaissance or in the eighteenth century, rhyme can indicate a poetic theme or the willingness to structure a subject that seems otherwise chaotic. Rhyme works closely with meter in this regard. There are varieties of rhyme: internal rhyme functions within a line of poetry, for example, while the more common end rhyme occurs at the end of the line and at the end of some other line, usually within the same stanza if not in subsequent lines. There are true rhymes (bear, care) and slant rhymes (lying, mine). There are also a number of predetermined rhyme schemes associated with different forms of poetry. Once you have identified a rhyme scheme, examine it closely to determine (1) how rigid it is, (2) how closely it conforms to a predetermined rhyme scheme (such as a sestina), and especially (3) what function it serves.   [/b][/size]Desertrose

for other lessons go to

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