You Are Blessed (by Fenny West)

You are blessed. You are unique.

You are amazing. You are brilliant.

You are loved. You are gifted.

You are beautiful.  You are strong.

You are a great blessing

You are a success.

God is for you And NO ONE can be against you. 

You will fulfil your potential.

You will climb any mountain.

You will reach the other side, regardless of obstacles,

hurdles or barriers. Do not give up. 

 Do not give in. Let nothing stop you. 

Don’t let even YOU stop you

From growing, achieving, thriving in this life. 

Let no condition stop you

from being your best in this life. 

Do your best with what you have. 

You have all that you need inside of you. And when you use all that you have to the best of your ability, nothing will be impossible to you. Doors will be opened for you. Good will come your way. You will be a high-flier, a great achiever, a mountain mover, yes a mover and shaker of you time. You will be the head and not the tail. 

You will be the light in your world and a city on a hill. You will be like a star, a gem and even a diamond that many will seek after. 

 Love yourself then you can love others. 

©Fenny West2020

Never Give Up ( by Fenny West)

Never give up On God or yourself.

Onward press, regardless of the circumstance.

View every situation in the light of His Word.

Every adversity has an expiry date.

Motivate yourself in the Lord like David did.

Be not bitter but be better after every storm.

Endure hardness like a good soldier of Christ.

Rejoice, again I say rejoice

33These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” John16:33

But David strengthened himself in the LORD his God. 1Sam30:6b

3You therefore must endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.2Pet2:3

©Fenny West2020

I Possess My Possession ( by Fenny West)

I pursue to possess my possession in Christ Jesus.
Knowing, all His promises are yes and amen in Him.
I Know He stands by His holy Word to perform it.
And this is my assurance and confidence.
I know that God is not a man as to lie.
The good work He started in my life
Will  come to a glorious fruition.
No enemy, foe or principality
Can abort, stop or delay
It. They will try
But they will
Surely Fail.
So I keep
The Author
And Finisher

Of my faith.

©Fenny West2020

I am An Associate of the God-kind ( by Fenny West)

I am an associate of the God-kind. I have the nature of my Father in heaven. He made me in His image. I have a divine nature. I am not ordinary. I am a peculiar being, chosen, fashioned intricately and adorned with glory, beauty, a masterpiece of the Father, created for good works foreordained before the foundation of the World. 

Therefore I have the mind of Christ and I am superabundantly blessed. I think His thoughts and do what pleases Him. I hear His voice from within and follow His voice. I do not follow the voice of a stranger. I heed the Voice of His Word and I am led in paths of peace, prosperity, progress, healing, health wealth, wisdom, supernatural insight, supernatural knowledge that surpasses knowledge. I have peace that transcends all understanding because I have the life of God. I am not moved by what I see but by what I believe. All things are working together for my good. Angels are on assignment in my behalf. They work for, by me and through me. As I speak God’s Word, they are galvanised into action in my behalf. I abound with the goodness of God. My pathway shines ever brighter to the full light of day. I go from glory to glory and from strength to strength and from faith to faith and grace to grace. I know who I am, Whose I am, what I have and where I am at. I know why I am here and what I was created for and I am fulfilling the plan of my Father, my Maker and the Lover of my soul. 

Jesus is my example to follow. I imitate Him as His disciple: Distinguished, Disciplined; informed, infilled with the Holy Spirit; Soldier of Christ, Sold-out to Him; Complete in Him, Conduit of Him; Increasing in glory, grace, love and faith; Productive, Prayerful, Purposeful, Peaceful ;Learner, Led of the Spirit and an Example to others. As He is, so am I in this world. In Him I live, move and have my very being.

©Fenny West2020