About us

Fenny Faith Foundation


Our Mission Statement

1. Inspire corporate entities and people to discover their reason for being, developing it  progressively and deploying it to comprehensively achieving it, and leaving a legacy for all-time,( from generation to generation), to the glory of God;

2. Establishing a unique bastion and bread basket and Eden of inspiration that will be a formidable global player in the field of motivation- corporate or individual;

3. Establishing a veritable Centre for Skills impartation, especially for young people and those who want to broaden their skills’ set, with a view to setting up their own business or enhancing their career;

4. To encourage (be a tonic and fillip) to those who have lost hope in life and feel they have nothing to offer or live for, to get up and go again.

5. Establish a successful Music Therapy Centre that would bring healing, refreshment, restoration and redemption;

6. Partnering with like-minded people to engender synergy from unity;

7. Relief of poverty in various parts and pockets of the world as divinely directed;

8. Disseminating the songs written by this entity,  world-wide, through partners, counsellors, and members and friends.

We are a Non-profit Musical, inspirational and Educational consultancy:

Undertaking Writing and publishing seminars, business clinics, songwriting Workshops, concerts, Singing, Performance & Recording

Here to help organisations lift heads that are bowed down, put springs in the steps of those who shuffle and strengthen hands that are feeble, awaken the creative genius of visionaries and motivate and educate staff to achieve their utmost potential and symphonise for synergy.

Serving: Churches, Secondary Schools, Colleges , Universities, Companies, Governmental and Non-Governmental organisations, Charities,  Summers Schools, Primary Schools, Cultural Centres, Skills Centres, Young Offenders Units, helping those unemployed but interested in music & songwriting and other essential skills for life.

We shall partner with charities to undertake fund-raising concerts/Inspirational Days.

Interested Charities or organisations should contact

ffgwest@yahoo.com for further details

Bookings are welcome from organisations for concerts and Inspirational/ Motivational Days/ Nights or sessions, featuring: Music, Dance, Singing, Poetry, Miming, Recitation, Preaching, Teaching, Healing, Drama; writing, recording and business Workshops, performances and motivational sessions.

Thank you for visiting our web site. We encourage you to contact us if you would like more information or are interested in becoming a partner or member.

Free to avail yourself of our resources but please acknowledge your source and link to us as a consideration if you have a website or forum, blog or twitter. Also help publicise our website by giving this link to your friends. Our freebees are our way of saying thank you for visiting and we hope you will come back. You can put this link as one of your favourite for speed of contact.

Please leave feedbacks to enable us to serve you better.


Have a fabulous day!

Fenny West


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