You Are Blessed (by Fenny West)

You are blessed. You are unique.

You are amazing. You are brilliant.

You are loved. You are gifted.

You are beautiful.  You are strong.

You are a great blessing

You are a success.

God is for you And NO ONE can be against you. 

You will fulfil your potential.

You will climb any mountain.

You will reach the other side, regardless of obstacles,

hurdles or barriers. Do not give up. 

 Do not give in. Let nothing stop you. 

Don’t let even YOU stop you

From growing, achieving, thriving in this life. 

Let no condition stop you

from being your best in this life. 

Do your best with what you have. 

You have all that you need inside of you. And when you use all that you have to the best of your ability, nothing will be impossible to you. Doors will be opened for you. Good will come your way. You will be a high-flier, a great achiever, a mountain mover, yes a mover and shaker of you time. You will be the head and not the tail. 

You will be the light in your world and a city on a hill. You will be like a star, a gem and even a diamond that many will seek after. 

 Love yourself then you can love others. 

©Fenny West2020

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