Welcome to July ( by Fenny West)


JULY -The Seventh month of the year
Seven represents perfection in biblical numerology.

On the seventh day God finished creation.
And may God perfect that which concerns you in this month.

May you have rest in all your areas of struggle and may you complete any unfinished business in your life.


6 being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ; Phil1:6

1     Thus the heavens and the earth, and all the host of them, were finished.2 And on the seventh day God ended His work which He had done, and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had done.3 Then God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it, because in it He rested from all His work which God had created and made.


Finish Well Like Joseph ( by Fenny West)

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Finish well Like Joseph

Finish Well like Joseph Who broke the gates of a barren womb and came out; Who dared to dream a big dream. And when his dream was opposed he dared to dream again. Yes, they stole his coat. They could not steal his anointing. Yes, they made him a scape goat but he maintained his blessing. Yes, he was thrown into the pit but he maintained his grit. Yes, he was sold into slavery but he used it as a springboard for prosperity. Wherever he went he prospered. Wherever he went he excelled and so stood before kings and not mere men. And when tempted by Potiphar’s wife, he refused to compromise his purity and his integrity. Yes, he was thrown into prison, yet there he displayed compassion and was selfless and impressed the guard to obtain promotion. This set him in motion for more promotion. And so his Pay Day came

when Pharaoh dreamed a perplexing dream

that only Joseph could interpret. He was summoned.

He went from the prison to the palace;

from prisoner to prime minister. He finished well despite obstacles because God was with him.

You too can finish well because God is in you and for you. You too can finish well even though your beginning is small.

Your end shall be greater because of the Greater One on the inside. No weapon fashioned against you shall prosper. You will use every obstacle as a stair to climb up. You will use every adverse wind to mount up and soar like an eagle. What was contrived to make you struggle will birth a miracle.

Finish well like Joseph God’s sufficiency shall be your sufficiency.

You shall not lack anything good.

Goodness and mercy will follow you all the days of your life.

God will prepare a banquet for you in the presence of your enemies.

He will anoint your head with oil and your cup will run over.

He has given His angels charge over you. You will not dash your foot against a stone. You will use every valley of Bacca,

every valley of weeping as a springboard for a lift off.

Every set back shall be a set up for a comeback.

Finish well like Joseph. Keep your dream alive. Finish well like Joseph. Dream big dreams.

Finish well like Joseph. When your dream is opposed, dream again. Put not your trust in man. Put your trust in the Great I Am. Those who put their trust in Him shall never be put to shame.

The presence of the Lord will set you apart.

The presence of the Lord will make a difference.

He who has begun a good work in you

will keep working at it until He brings it

to a glorious fruition; a spectacular, miraculous finale.

4 So Joseph found favor in his sight , and served him. Then He made him overseer of his house , and all that He had He put under his authority. 5 Now Joseph had a dream , and He told it to his brothers; Gen37 22

And the keeper of the prison committed to Joseph’s hand all the prisoners who were in the prison; whatever they did there , it was his doing. Gen39:4,22 41

And Pharaoh said to Joseph , “See , I have set you over all the land of Egypt.”

42 Then Pharaoh took his signet ring off his hand and put it on Joseph’s hand; and he clothed him in garments of fine linen and put a gold chain around his neck.43 And he had him ride in the second chariot which he had; and they cried out before him, “Bow the knee!” So he set him over all the land of Egypt.44 Pharaoh also said to Joseph, “I am Pharaoh, and without your consent no man may lift his hand or foot in all the land of Egypt.”45 And Pharaoh called Joseph’s name Zaphnath-Paaneah. And he gave him as a wife Asenath, the daughter of Poti-Pherah priest of On. So Joseph went out over all the land of Egypt.Gen41:41-45

Finish Well Like Nehemiah ( by Fenny West)

Finish Well like Nehemiah

Finish well like Nehemiah,
Who caught the vision,
Began with passionate prayer;
Became a great champion.

Finish well like Nehemiah
Who obtained the king’s favour
And ignored the “Nay Sayers”
And pressed on with fervour.

Finish well like Nehemiah
Who defied opposition
Became stronger and stronger
And obtained a great promotion.

Finish well like Nehemiah
Who despite being maligned
Grew stronger and stronger
Until his destiny was fulfilled.

Finish well like Nehemiah
Who rose above blackmail
Slipped through sewer and mire,
Finished the wall and was hailed.

4 So it was , when I heard these words , that I sat down and wept , and mourned for many days; I was fasting and praying before the God of heaven.
8 and a letter to Asaph the keeper of the king’s forest , that He must give me timber to make beams for the gates of the citadel which pertains to the temple , for the city wall , and for the house that I will occupy.” And the king granted them to me according to the good hand of my God upon me.

The Wall Defended Against Enemies  1 But it so happened , when Sanballat heard that we were rebuilding the wall , that He was furious and very indignant , and mocked the Jews.
The Wall Completed 
15 So the wall was finished on the twenty-fifth day of Elul , in fifty-two days.

Reigning in His Righteousness ( by C.H. Spurgeon)

Reigning in His Righteousness

Jeremiah 23:6 The Lord our Righteousness.

It will always give a Christian the greatest calm, quiet, ease, and peace, to think of the perfect righteousness of Christ. How often are the saints of God downcast and sad! I do not think they ought to be. I do not think they would if they could always see their perfection in Christ. There are some who are always talking about corruption, and the depravity of the heart, and the innate evil of the soul. This is quite true, but why not go a little further, and remember that we are “perfect in Christ Jesus.” It is no wonder that those who are dwelling upon their own corruption should wear such downcast looks; but surely if we call to mind that “Christ is made unto us righteousness,” we shall be of good cheer. What though distresses afflict me, though Satan assault me, though there may be many things to be experienced before I get to heaven, those are done for me in the covenant of divine grace; there is nothing wanting in my Lord, Christ hath done it all. On the cross He said, “It is finished!” and if it be finished, then am I complete in Him, and can rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory, “Not having mine own righteousness, which is of the law, but that which is through the faith of Christ, the righteousness which is of God by faith.” You will not find on this side heaven a holier people than those who receive into their hearts the doctrine of Christ’s righteousness. When the believer says, “I live on Christ alone; I rest on Him solely for salvation; and I believe that, however unworthy, I am still saved in Jesus;” then there rises up as a motive of gratitude this thought- “Shall I not live to Christ? Shall I not love Him and serve Him, seeing that I am saved by His merits?” “The love of Christ constraineth us,” “that they which live should not henceforth live unto themselves but unto Him which died for them.” If saved by imputed righteousness, we shall greatly value imparted righteousness.

Boundless Inheritance

Boundless Inheritance

In Christ- our inheritance


Ephesians 1:11

In whom also we have obtained an inheritance.

When Jesus gave Himself for us, He gave us all the rights and privileges which went with Himself; so that now, although as eternal God, He has essential rights to which no creature may venture to pretend, yet as Jesus, the Mediator, the federal Head of the covenant of grace, He has no heritage apart from us. All the glorious consequences of His obedience unto death are the joint riches of all who are in Him, and on whose behalf He accomplished the divine will. See, He enters into glory, but not for Himself alone, for it is written, “Whither the Forerunner is for us entered.” Heb. 6:20. Does He stand in the presence of God?-“He appears in the presence of God for us.” Heb. 9:24.


Consider this, believer. You have no right to heaven in yourself: your right lies in Christ. If you are pardoned, it is through His blood; if you are justified, it is through His righteousness; if you are sanctified, it is because He is made of God unto you sanctification; if you shall be kept from falling, it will be because you are preserved in Christ Jesus; and if you are perfected at the last, it will be because you are complete in Him. Thus Jesus is magnified-for all is in Him and by Him; thus the inheritance is made certain to us-for it is obtained in Him; thus each blessing is the sweeter, and even heaven itself the brighter, because it is Jesus our Beloved “in whom” we have obtained all.


 Where is the man who shall estimate our divine portion? Weigh the riches of Christ in scales, and His treasure in balances, and then think to count the treasures which belong to the saints. Reach the bottom of Christ’s sea of joy, and then hope to understand the bliss which God hath prepared for them that love Him. Overleap the boundaries of Christ’s possessions, and then dream of a limit to the fair inheritance of the elect. “All things are yours, for ye are Christ’s and Christ is God’s.”

Established and Strengthened Through Suffering

Established and Strengthened Through Suffering

1 Peter 5:10

After that ye have suffered awhile, make you perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle you.


You have seen the arch of heaven as it spans the plain: glorious are its colours, and rare its hues. It is beautiful, but, alas, it passes away, and lo, it is not. The fair colours give way to the fleecy clouds, and the sky is no longer brilliant with the tints of heaven. It is not established. How can it be? A glorious show made up of transitory sun-beams and passing rain-drops, how can it abide?


The graces of the Christian character must not resemble the rainbow in its transitory beauty, but, on the contrary, must be stablished, settled, abiding. Seek, O believer, that every good thing you have may be an abiding thing.


 May your character not be a writing upon the sand, but an inscription upon the rock! May your faith be no “baseless fabric of a vision,” but may it be builded of material able to endure that awful fire which shall consume the wood, hay, and stubble of the hypocrite. May you be rooted and grounded in love. May your convictions be deep, your love real, your desires earnest. May your whole life be so settled and established, that all the blasts of hell, and all the storms of earth shall never be able to remove you. But notice how this blessing of being “stablished in the faith” is gained.



The apostle’s words point us to suffering as the means employed-“After that ye have suffered awhile.” It is of no use to hope that we shall be well rooted if no rough winds pass over us. Those old gnarlings on the root of the oak tree, and those strange twistings of the branches, all tell of the many storms that have swept over it, and they are also indicators of the depth into which the roots have forced their way. So the Christian is made strong, and firmly rooted by all the trials and storms of life.


Shrink not then from the tempestuous winds of trial, but take comfort, believing that by their rough discipline God is fulfilling this benediction to you.

C.H. Spurgeon