Healing Stream Live Healing Service

Healing Stream Live Healing Service
Participate in the Live Healing Service Coming soon.
The Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris is a timely program birthed by the Holy
Spirit to stream God’s healing power to the nations of the world.
This special healing program will take place ONLINE from the 9th – 11th July, 2021 via the following:

TIME: 6 pm ( GMT + 1)
The healing you need may not be physical but emotional, spiritual, financial relational or otherwise.
Yet with your act of faith you can receive healing in that area of your life.
Please send this link to as many to all your contacts (here and abroad) that you know need the touch
of God.
“He sent his word, and healed them,
and delivered them from their destructions.”
(Psalms 107:20)
God is more willing to heal people than they are ever willing to be healed. He heals them by

This young girl right here was healed when her parents received THE WORD, right from the
comfort of their home. What God does for one He can do for another and even if He has never
done it for anybody, He can do it for you.
Do you know anyone that needs healing? Send them this link below so they can register to
participate. You can as well register to participate even if you don’t require healing. You can
receive the healing unction to transmit to your world of contact.

Kindly find the following testimony teaser videos with HSLHS call to action


Admiral : https://bit.ly/2UtCLEu

Beatrice: https://bit.ly/3xthUji

Bright : https://bit.ly/3wydaru

Eugene https://bit.ly/3wmvrYF

Michelle : https://bit.ly/3dVWljq

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