Antidote to Fear ( by Fenny West)

Antidote to Fear

Fear Not

Standing To Face Your Goliath 1Sam17:


Triumphing in Trying Time

He Who dwells Ps91


God is our Refuge Ps46

And David Encouraged Himself 1Sam30:1-6,18-19


The Lord is My Shepherd Ps23

This is a breadbasket, river of life, a balm in times of trouble, comfort in times of storms, light amidst darkness. In this psalm you will find security, prosperity, key to provision and protection, power of the Spirit and the presence of God and triumphs in trials. If the Shepherd presides He will provide. Again that He is your Shepherd does not mean you will not suffer. We are called to suffer with Him as to reign with Him. He trains us and prunes us so that we can give Him glory. Furthermore, if He is your Shepherd You must hear His voice because His sheep hear His voice.


I will Lift Up My EyesPs121

Deer Caught in Dire Straits


Victory Is Mine

Living above Fear


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