You Have What It Takes ( By Fenny West)

You Have What It Takes 

Be rest assured, You Have What It Takes
To make this year very  memorable
So Seize each moment, early awake
And you will make progress unfathomable.

Choose wisely your associations
Because they will make or mar your future
Desire, crave divine acceleration
A panacea for upward mobility that’s sure.

Regardless of storms, seas, fires or tsunamis
You’ve got what it takes to win and always triumph
See as bread and stepping stones, any difficulties
Praise, pray and sing when the going gets tough or rough.

See as partners in progress any stumbling blocks
See every Goliath as phoney, with a glass jaw
Do the Word so that you can stand on a rock
Relent not because God has great glory in store.


©Fenny West 2020

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