What Is the Meaning of Christmas? ( by Fenny West)

What Is the Meaning of Christmas?

Christmas(1) He Came for All

Christ Jesus was born
He came for all
Righteousness, Redeemer came
In Him we live, move and have our being
Seated now at the right hand of  His Father
Totally triumphant over all principalities
Majesty and dominion belong to Him
Ascribe Greatness to the Rock our God
Show forth His glory everywhere

Christmas(2) Come and See

Come and See the King of kings
His Name is Wonderful Counsellor
Righteousness Personified
Infinite in wisdom and Preeminent
So beautiful, powerful, merciful
Timeless, Ever-present, very-present
Master, Miracle Worker, Mighty, Most High
Addonai, Author and Finisher, Alpha, Omega
Supreme, sovereign, Sweet Rose of Sharon

Christmas(3) Chief Corner Stone

Chief Corner Stone is He
Healer, Head of the Church,
Risen and exalted, Prince of Peace
Indescribable, indefatigable
Saviour of the world
Teacher extraordinaire
My God, my Maker, my Owner, my Lover
Ancient of Days
Servant King


Christmas(4) Creator of All


Creator of All- great and small
High and Holy,
Reason for my living, Role Model
In His light we see light
Son of Man, Son of God
The Bright Morning Star 🌟
Many will see and marvel
As they make Him Lord-Number One
Surrendered, sold-out

Christmas(5) Choose Right

Choose this day whom you will serve
Hold on to that which will last
Refuse to be led astray
Insist on walking on the straight and narrow path

Sow good seeds
Turn every difficulty into an opportunity
Mean what you say and say what you mean
Ascribe Greatness to Jesus Christ
Sing His praise all the time


Christmas (6)Come and bow down

Come and bow down to the King of Kings
He is the  holy and anointed One
Risen and exalted One
In Him is live, love and peace profound
Soon and very soon, He’ll come for His Bride
To take her (the Church) to be on His side
Many many will be there (saints), will you?

Accept Him NOW as Lord and Saviour
Save your seat, make your reservation quick

Christmas (7)Christ Jesus- the power of God

Christ Jesus- the power of God, the Word
Holding everything by the Word of His power
Reigning in the lives of Saints
I Am That I Am, God of Abraham,
Surrounded by glory, beauty, majesty
Turning lives around, doing wonders
Miracles, healing, transformation
Able to do exceeding abundantly
Sing His praise unreservedly

©Fenny West


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