December(1-3) ( by Fenny West)

December (1)

Doing wonders unimaginable

Every day and everywhere for those who believe

Commanding and it stands, decrees and it is done

Empowering those who are yielded and trust Him

Moving and dwarfing mountains, drying seas, raising valleys and even the dead to rise

Bringing to fruition the Word gone out of His mouth

Enabling the feeble to, run, the deaf to hear and dumb to speak

Ruling and reigning supreme as the sovereign God

©Fenny West 2019


December (2)

Died and rose again; now lives and reigns in me
Existed before time; was, is, and is to come
Christ Jesus, my Lord, is His Name
Every knee bows to His Name
Mighty and glorious are His works
Both now and forever more
Every tongue will confess His Lordship
Rise and hail the King of Kings and Lord of Lords

©Fenny West 2019


December (3)
Daily count your blessings, thanking God
Everywhere you go share those blessings
Continue in the Word, to grow thereby
Excel in all you lay your hands to do
Magnify the Lord always
Bring glory and honour to Him
Entertain no doubt about His faithfulness
Run your Race of Grace with finesse

©Fenny West 2019


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