Blessed ( by Fenny West)


Blessed to be a blessing
Loved with an everlasting love
Enthroned with Christ; reigning with Him
Successful, ,
Seeing through God’s eyes
Empowered by the Holy Spirit
Dead to sin and alive to God


Laced with super-abundant grace
Surrounded with angels
Everything is mine
Destined to go from strength to strength


Leaving a lasting legacy to God’s glory
Exceeding abundantly enabled by God
Separated for God’s Glory and Kingdom
Sanctified for the Master’s use
Enabled to do all things
Doing good every day and everywhere


Bone of His bone and flesh of his flesh
Living a life of Victory and abundance
Encapsulated by God’s love
Sower of good seeds
Supernaturally supplied,
Endowed with hidden riches in secret places
Dependent on the Most High

Blessed and highly favoured
Living a life of love
Everything about me is great
Saint of God
Everything I touch is blessed
Delivered from sickness and poverty

Born to praise and please God
Living a life of going from glory to glory
Surrounded with Glory
Sold out to God
Energised by the Holy Spirit

Born again,
Living Eternal life
Entwined with Christ
Sent to spread the word, the Good news
Singing a New Song
Increasing in love, faith, and grace
New Creation
Given great grace

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