Born With a Life of Purpose ( by Fenny West)

Born With a Life of Purpose

Father, I thank You that you created me with a purpose in mind. I bless your Name that there is a reason for my being. I am not an accident. You have a pre-planned path ordained for me to walk in this world.
I give you glory because you are daily, by Your Spirit in me revealing this path for me to walk in.
Thank you for making me your hands and feet and voice to bless my world. Thank you for making me a new creation with divine destiny. This destiny shall unfurl like a flower and bloom until I boom in my generation. Creation shall see my manifestation to the full. I will fulfil all that you have ordained for my life.
Thank you, Father, for making me a Prince of power with God for my generation. I give You glory that I am blessed to be a blessing to my God, the Church, my family, my community, my country and my generation and so shall it be.
Every gifting that you have placed in this jar of clay will find expression and fulfilment.
I will fan ablaze your gifting in me. I will multiply the gift and talents you have given me so as to make you proud for giving them to me.
Thank You, Father, that all the resources that I need to fulfil my vision, destiny purpose and assignment are provided, because You make provision even before the need arises. My God has supplied all I need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.
I have the wisdom I need because Christ has been made wisdom to me and I have the Counselor in me. I will hear His voice saying to me, “This is the way, walk in it. “I will never go astray because He will guide me with His eyes He will instruct me in the way I should go and what to do and with whom to deal.
Thank you, Father, that You will bring all those who are meant to work with me and partner with me to fulfil this great vision you have given me. They are coming from the east, west, north and south. Nothing will stop them. They will find joy and fulfilment in doing what they.

I am focused on my purpose. Nothing shall deter me. Every obstacle will be used for a miracle, in Jesus’ Name. Every difficulty will be seen as an opportunity to enter another threshold of my purpose because nothing takes you by surprise. You are in full control of my life.
You have made me a king and a priest, therefore I will decree and see it established as I reign with you. Nothing shall be impossible to me according to Your Word. All things are mine according to Your Word.
And by the grace of God, I will go from glory to glory and from strength to strength until I finish with finesse my purpose and say like Paul, I have run my race. I have finished my course. I have kept the faith, in Jesus’ Name. AMEN.

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