Father, I Thank You ( by Fenny West)

Father, thank You for Your powerful, dynamic, living and unchanging Word. 
Your Word pierces, penetrates, permeates, saturates and changes things. 
Your Word is Spirit and life, medicine to my body, a light to my path and a lamp to my feet. Your Word is Your will and Your will is Your Word. 
Therefore, I use Your word to see eternal realities. I use Your word to change circumstances. I use Your word to command and countermand. I use Your word to decree and it stands. 

Heaven and earth shall pass away, but Your word abides forever. I use Your word to open doors, change difficult situations, align my body to Your perfect will. I use Your Word to align my business to You will. I use Your word to align my vision and mission to Your will. I use your word to mind my mind, program my mind, change my mind to line up with Your mind. I use Your word to chart the course of my life. 
Where Your word goes I go. If You said it, that settles it. I crave for Your word more than my daily food. Your word is my mirror and shows me who I am, Whose I am and what I have and what I can do. 

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