What Type of Father are You? ( by Fenny West)



Fearless, revers God, full of Spirit, fells Goliaths 
Hears from God
Role model

Force for good
Tried, tested and true
Ever ready
Reasonable, realistic 

Father: Pastor, Prophet, Teacher, Leader, Protector, Provider, Peacemaker, Pattern to follow.



Fervent in spirit


Thankful truthful





Father is like the Head

He is the Head of the home and stirs the ship of the home. He leads in prayers, seeks the face of God for and with His family. 
He thinks and plans for his family. 
He is the eyes of his family and sees where they should be headed. He has a vision for his family and casts the vision, writes it down so that members of his family can run with it. 
He speaks for his family, praying for it, interceding for members of his family. He takes responsibility for his family. 
He is the breadwinner and provides for the family. 
He protects his family from intruders and those who want to divide and rule or those who want to destroy it. 
He brings up the children in the way of the Lord and disciplines them as and when it is needful so they grow up to be useful citizens of society. 

He is the pastor of the home, caring for the spiritual wellbeing of all the members of the family. 

He is the teacher in the home, teaching members of his family the will and ways of God and how to deal wisely in the affairs of life. 
He hears for his family and directs them appropriately. 

He is a good husband, takes care of and loves his wife the way Christ loves the Church.

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