HE Did This For You ( by Fenny West)


He Did this for You

Do you Know?

He was rejected, that we might be accepted

He took our Curse, that we might be blessed

He was wounded that we might be healed

He was put to shame that we might have a name.

He was made poor that we might be rich.

He was made sin that we might be free from sin.

The Just was punished to make the unjust just.

The Righteous was vilified that we might become righteous.

He was crucified that we might be justified.

He was condemned that we might not be condemned.

He was separated from the Father that we might be reconciled.

He died the death we deserved that we might live an abundant life.

He took our darkness that we might see His light.

He carried our burden, our load that we might be made light.

He became our sacrifice, that we might be satisfied

He was emptied to make us full and give us His fullness.

For a moment He lost Fellowship with the Father that we might be brought into fellowship.

He left His seat in glory, that we might be brought into the family of the God-kind.

The only begotten Son of God came that we might all be made sons of God.John1`:12,


©Fenny West2019

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