He Rose Up! (by Fenny West)

He was  Alpha and Omega, the Holy One
And From adulation it became vilification 
As prophesied, predicted in the Holy Writ   
     He was Condemned by Pontius Pilate 
       And was crucified with two thieves 
      He died a death He did not deserve
        It was the third day after His death
          They heard the news and came
              And  looked in and hard, but
                  Could Not find Him, 
                       Why? Because
                        For He was
Went up to heaven as they all gaze at Him
  He later sent the Comforter, Holy Spirit 
    Who came to help, give an advantage
      Strengthen, guide, teach, energize
     gave birth to the Church on that Day-
       The Day of Pentecost. He came
          In cloven tongues of fire and 
            Sat on them and they spoke
             In tongues as He gave them
                 Utterance, enablement. 
                  People were surprised. 
                    Peter preached with
                     Power, passion and 
                       unction, and many
                         Were convicted;
                          Salvation rain 
                            Fell and they
                              Were saved
                                Born again
                                  To reign

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