Great God (by Fenny West)


Great God (1)

He is phenomenal and eternal-

Manifold and infinite in wisdom.

He was, He is, and He is to come.

His greatness, no one can ever fathom.

His kingdom, an everlasting Kingdom.

Giver of life, abundant life, He’s life.

There is no Rock like our God; Sovereign God.

Great God.

The Word of life, He speaks and it is done.

My God is the Holy One, Sweet Rose of Sharon-

The only-wise God, He is three in One;

The Father, the Son and Spirit- one God.

The King of kings and the Lord of lords,

He is everywhere and knows everything.

He knows the end from the beginning.

Great God.

Great is His will and great, His purposes.

Declaring the end from the beginning,

Fearful in praises, His ways are past finding.

And what of His thoughts? – higher than our thoughts.

A class by Himself, perfect in every way;

He is vast, faithful and true and the Way.

He is great, the greatest and owns the seas.

Great God (2)

He is the New and Living Way.

Just and true are His ways;

Better, higher than our ways,

And marvellous are His works;

The Master of the seas,

Who rules from sea to sea.

He orders and gathers the seas.

Great God

He’s merciful and all-powerful,

Beautiful and always faithful,

And His name is so wonderful-

A Name above every other name.

He called each star by its name.

Forever He remains the same;

Yesterday, today, forever.

Great God

He is extra-ordinarily high,

Rock Higher than I, the Most-High;

Riding the crest of the waves,

And the wings of the wind;

Stills the roaring sea with a whisper;

Parts the sea, rip it asunder.

He is a God like no other.

Great God(3)



the earth with

the span of His

hands; holds the sea in

the hollow of his hands

His creation is mega great,

He’s ever good, the great and grand

And the great galaxies He did make

Even weighing the mountains on His scales

Feeds 5000 with two fish and five loaves

Righteous Judge, There no one like Him

incomparable in greatness

splendors, glorious, victorious,

marvelous, fabulous,

bounteous and gorgeous






Makes the lame to walk and the blind to see

He’s the Bread of Life, raising the dead,

And He’s the Firstborn from the dead

The Church’s Head, Who for us bled

He is the Advocate

I am that I Am,

the Great I Am

Last Adam

Lamb of


God of


Great Potentate

Counselor, standby

the Hope of Glory, High

and Holy the Alpha and

Omega and the creator

the Lord of Glory, intercessor

the Master and the Mediator,

the Guide the Teacher and Comforter

Friend of sinners, and Messiah

Doing wonders and a wonder

sticking closer than brother

The true Vine, The Truth

the Light that lights

the life of

men; you, and I.

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