Who is Jesus?

Who Is Jesus? 

Who is Jesus? 
God-the Son, 
The Holy One 
The Pre-eminent One
Judah’s Lion 
King of Zion..  Who is Jesus? 
Son of God, 
Word of God. 
The Lamb of God, 
Emmanuel – 
God with us. 

Who is Jesus?
Sun of Righteousness 
Our righteousness 
Our wisdom
Our redemption. 
Our Sanctification. 

Who is Jesus? 
Our Salvation 
Our Deliverance 
Our Door of Hope. 
Prince of Peace 
Our peace. 

Who is Jesus? 
The King of Kings 
And the Lord of Lords
The Only – wise God. 
Hope of the World. 
The Great I Am, The I Am That I Am. 

Who Jesus? 
Our Redeemer. 
Our Saviour
The Great Physician 
Our Healer 
Our Sin-bearer. 

Who is Jesus?
Our justification 
Our Sacrifice 
The Light of the World. 
The Way, the Truth and Life 
The Light of men. 

Who is Jesus? 
The Captain of Salvation 
The Sweet Rose of Sharon . 
The Only Omniscient One
The Omnipresent One
The Omnipotent One. 

Who is Jesus? 
The Lily of the Valley 
The Fairest of the ten thousand
The Ancient of Days
The Express Image of the Father
The Bridge between God and man. 

Who is Jesus? 
Our Passover. 
Our Passport to Heaven
Our Password to God. 
Our Righteous Judge. 
The Eternal God. 

Who is Jesus? 
Maker of all things
The First and the Last 
The Beginning and the End 
The Alpha and Omega. 

Who is Jesus
The Unchanging Changer. 
The Solution to the sin-sickness. 
The Best of the best
The wonder – working God. 
The Miracle Worker. 

Who is Jesus? 
Ever-lasting Father 
Wonderful Consellor 
The Mighty God. 
The El Shaddai 
The Adonnai. 

Who is Jesus? 
Everything Good. 

What is He to you? 


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