The darker the Night… Brighter we shine ( By Fenny West(

The darker the night, the Brighter we Shine(2)

We play by different rules. 
We are God’s righteousness. 
In our lives God’s Kingdom rules. 
We live in His brightness. 

Difficulties are our opportunity to shine
Because the Greater One lives in us. 
We are Entwined and rooted in the Vine
If God be for us, who can be against us? 

We are like Joseph, the darker the night
The brighter and brighter he shone
Sold as a slave, he continued to be light
He walked with God and glorified Him. 

Served his master well; had no bitterness. 
He used the darkness to shine brighter. 
His lemon he used for sweetness. 
So God promoted him, made him prosper. 

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