Walking in the Light ( by Fenny West)

Walking in the Light

Walking in the Light 
Not by power or might
But by the Holy Spirit 
Who dwells in me, directs me, distinguishes me, 
Propels me, protects me, provides for me
Empowers me, encircles me, endows me. 

Walking in the Light, 
Without a fright, 
In the day or night
Shining brighter, the darker the night
Soaring higher, no matter the height 
Singing sweeter songs, even in the night. 

Walking in the Light 
As He is in the light. 
Walking as He walked;
Walking by His Word.
Walking and waiting, and winning

without a doubt, within and without
Welded to His Spirit, moved by His Spirit 
Flooded with light by His Spirit. 

Walking in the light-
The Light of life, 
The Light of lights, 
Illuminatinating, invigorating, rejuvenating, 
Empowering, increasing and increasing others, 
Being perfected and perfecting others
Being blessed and being a blessing to others, 
Being energised and energising others 
Bringing seasons of joy unspeakable and full of glory;
Bringing seasons of health and healing

in season and out of season, 
Defying every reason. 

Glory to God! Alleluia! 

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