When Grace Appears ( by Fenny West)


When Grace Appears

Law disappears

Protocols are irrelevant; canceled;

Connections are disconnected;

Powers are dwarfed and cowered

Condemnation is reversed to acceptance;

Hopelessness is turned into hopefulness.

When Grace Appears,

Salvation appears,

Condemnation disappears ;

Beauty replaces ashes;

The oil of joy replaces mourning;

The garment of praise

displaces the spirit of heaviness;

And storms are calmed.

When Grace Appears,

Disgrace disappears

Fears disappear

And Boldness comes ;

Light comes

Life comes,

NO is turned into yes.

Do you have a case that seems difficult

Protracted, impossible and hopeless?

Come to GRACE


Grace will appear for you as your Advocate,

And you will not lose your case.

You will come out victorious;

Your tables will turn for good and

You will sing a New Song.

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