Reign of Kings(8) ( by Fenny West)

The Reign of Kings (8)

I Am Reigning 

I Am Reigning 

And I am ‘kinging’, 
Soaring on eagle’s wings. 
In my night, I sing
The songs He gives. 

I am immovable. 
I remain durable
And very stable, 
Fruitful in every place 
Because of His grace. 

I reign in all my affairs
Because I’m the head
And never the tail.
And so He puts me ahead. 
I will never fail or trail. 
He always lifts up my head. 

My future is rosy and bright
My path shine brighter
And brighter, better and better
to the full light of day, as He said. 
I decree and it stands 
I lay up gold as dust. 
I am fresh and Flourishing 
Planted by the rivers of water
Amply nourished by the living water. 

I’M Kinging! GLORY TO God. 

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