The Promised Land ( by Fenny West)


Touched with my hands 👐

Saw with my eyes

Embraced the Great prize

Of the year 2018

An August visitation

Promotion and divine intervention

On an August occasion.

The Land of the Lord

The Land of the Word

The Word that was God

That was in the beginning

That was with the Father.

The Land of the Word that was made flesh

And dwelt amongst us to refresh.

The Holy Land, a wonder to behold

A Land of hills and valleys

Beautiful citadels and cities on hills

Oh, how it mesmerized and thrilled!

My eyes beheld Jerusalem;

Drank the waters of Nazareth;

Trod the streets of Haifa,

Karmi El, Galilee, Kinesereth.

Beheld Mount Gilboa, Negev desert 🏜

Touched down on River Jordan;

Reflected the dark days

of the Holocaust in Nahariya.

Prayed at the Knesset-seat of Government.

Fascinating, breathtaking

Awe-inspiring, extraordinary!

And what shall I say about the Dead Sea?

Medicinal, yet has no life – like no other

Preserves and serves like no other.

Shalom Jerusalem!

Shalom the City of David.

Now I know why you are so coveted.

Shalom Israel

The Land the fool hates

The Land the wise loves

The Land of Olives and dates

The Land the Lord loves

The Land flowing with milk and honey.

The wailing Wall wailed with its quarters

Life-less religion still holding sway

But coming is the Day of the Way

Coming is  New Jerusalem

Where Jesus will reign with His own.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

Spoken Word in the City of David- Jerusalem

The Lord is my Shepherd Ps23

Ps46 God is my refuge

Ps91 He Who Dwells


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