Super-abundantly Supplied ( By Fenny West)

Super-abundantly Supplied

Father, I thank You for making me an heir of God and joint – heir with Christ. Everything that belongs to Him belongs to me. All He accomplished through His crucifixion and resurrection, He accomplished for me.


Therefore, I refuse to short-change myself in any respect. I am a lender and not a borrower. I make wise investments and get involved in lucrative businesses that bring mammoth yield. I have the wisdom to deal wisely in all I do. 

Everything I lay my hands to do prospers to the glory of God. 

The Lord is my Shepherd and I shall not want. He leads me to green pastures and still waters and I am well fed and my thirst is quenched. He supplies all my needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. 

I thank You, Father, for Your word says that even though Christ was Rich, yet for my sake, He became poor, so that I might through His poverty will become rich in all things. I praise You, Lord God Almighty that I am rich and a possessor of all good things. You daily load me, lavish me with benefits to enjoy. No good will you withhold from me because I walk in your word and your will. 

You prepare a banquet, a sumptuous sup, a table full of delicatessen for me, even in the presence of my enemies and my cup overflows. 

Surely, goodness and mercy follow me all the days of my life. 

Thank You, Father, for Your Son, Jesus, who came to give me life and life to the full-abundant life. I will live this life to your glory. I walk in Your pathway always. I walk in the light of Your Word always and favour surrounds me as a shield. Wherever I go, favour follows me. I am the Head and not the tail. The boundary lines fall for me in pleasant places because, in Christ, I have a goodly heritage. 

When others are saying there is depression or famine or drought, I am saying, the Lord is so good to me, there is provision, promotion, prosperity, lifting up, abundance, increase; there is supernatural Supply, there is an unending supply.

You did it for Abraham and Isaac and You are doing it for me. I fix my eyes on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of my faith. He is working everything together for my good because I love Him and I am the called according to purpose. 

It is a joy to be a giver because You said it is more blessed to give than to receive. Therefore, I give from what You have given. I give generously and cheerfully. I give willingly. I give to You and to those in need. I give as You lead and guide. And as I give, it is given back to me, pressed down, good measure, and running over. I sow on good grounds as a sower who goes out weeping, carrying precious seeds to Sow. Your word says such a person will doubtless return with a great harvest. Thank You, Lord, for my abundant, great and superfluous harvest. 

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