The Life of Dominion (by Fenny West)

The Life of Dominion is Mine; 

And this is by divine designed. 

In Christ, I have been made victorious.

My life is programmed to be glorious. 


I go from one degree of glory to another.

I soar, ascend higher and higher, 

Irrespective of the ploys of the enemy. 

Nothing and no foe can stop my victory. 


I thank  God for this Supernatural life

His life in me has bestowed abundant life. 

The same Spirit that raised Christ Jesus, 

Works in me as a life-giving mighty force. 


I was born for greatness, signs, and wonders;

 to leave a unique legacy, reach beyond the stars. 

By the Spirit ‘s power, I am a problem-solver. 

I dare to step out of the boat and walk on water. 


Over every principality I have dominion. 

And over wicked spirits I have dominion. 

I maintain my preeminence as one from Zion. 

God has ordained I reign here as a champion. 

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