River of Health ( by Fenny West)

River of Health

River of health from the Throne of Grace,

Birthing His will, healing by His word

His Word that is spirit and is life,

Heralding and reining in health;

Flushing out all sickness and disease.


It is life-giving and life-changing

 Life- restoring, rejuvenating,

Invigorating, illuminating,

 Hope-rekindling, very dynamic,

Giving glory and honour to God


Healing Stream, demonstrating His love

Razor-sharp, piercing, and recharging,

Confirming the New Covenant

Revealing the better promises

 Penetrating and transforming,


Medicine to body, soul, and spirit;

Medication from meditation

Confirming that our God does not change

Affirming that Jesus remains the same,

Yesterday, today and forever. Amen.

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