Blessed to Be a Blessing ( by Fenny West)

Blessed to Be a Blessing

I am blessed with every spiritual blessing; 
blessed with the blessing of Abraham because I am a seed of Abraham.
I am blessed in all I lay my hands to do.
I am blessed in my going out and in my coming in.
My  family and finances are blessed. My health and houses are blessed. My body and businesses are blessed.
Everything I touch is blessed.

I am blessed with creative, inventive and innovative genius. I make discoveries with my supernatural insight.

Kings are coming to the brightness of my rising.
Foreigners are coming to build my walls. My sons and daughters are coming from afar. They are coming with their silver and gold. 
The abundance of the seas are turned over to me. The treasures of darkness are mine and so are the hidden riches in secret places.
I am above,the head and not the tail.
I assail always and do not trail.

I am blessed to be a blessing, wherever I go. Blessings breakout wherever I go; just like Potiphar was blessed because of Joseph and Lot was blessed because of Abraham and Laban was blessed because of Jacob. 
I am blessed to be a blessing to God, the Church, my family, my generation, my community, my nation and world-wide.
The glory, praise, majesty, beauty, bigness, goodness, faithfulness of the Lord shall be trumpeted because of what He will do through this jar clay.

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