Immanuel Is (by Fenny West)

Immanuel Is:

Immanuel is  God with Us
Christ indwelling us
Christ with us
Christ before us
Christ behind us
Christ surounding us
Christ at the centre of all we do and represent;
all that we are and will be.
Christ being all and in all.
Christ in us, our hope of glory.

In Him we live, move and have our being.
He gives our lives a meaning.

He is our redemption, our Saviour,  our Sacrifice, wisdom, our sanctification.
He is our Bread of Life, our Chief Corner Stone.
Bone of our bones
And flesh of our flesh.

He is our Day Star
The Bright Morning Star
In Him all things hold together.
He is the Author and Finisher-the Alpha and Omega.
Jehovah Shammah
The Lion of Judah
The Sweet Rose of Sharon
The Rose in our Thorn.
He is the Lilly of the Valley
The Fairest of the Ten Thousand.

In Him is light and life and might.
In Him is spiritual sight.
He is the Prince of Peace.
He is our peace-
Jehovah Shalom.
He is the Intercessor, Wonderful Counselor, Comforter, the Advocate, the First and the Last, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the King of kings and the Lord of lords.
He is the Captain of Salvation-the Lamb of God, Our Sanctification, Jehovah N’kadesh, Our Righteousness- Jehovah Tsidkenue;
He is the Ever-present Lord-Jehovah Shammah.
He is the Good Shepherd-Jehovah Rohi, Our Healer-Jehovah Rophe, the Great Physician,  Our Victorious Banner-Jehovah Nissi.
He is the Strong and Breasted One; God’s Son, the Holy One, God of gods.
He can move any mountain, heal any disease and walk on water.

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