Mighty Men are Here ( Fenny West)

The MIGHTY Men of God are Here

Creation is waiting for the manifest ion of the sons of God. Rom8:19



We are the sons of God; the New Creatures, the holy nation, royalty, priests and kings of God; mighty men of God who have answered the call of God in our generation.

We are the mighty men of God who dare to rise up in this end-time to fulfil the vision and purpose of God for our generation. 

We the mighty men of God resolve to stand up to be counted. Choose you whom you would serve. As for we and our households, we will serve the Lord.

We resolve to take the mantle of God in our time and stand in the gap for our nation. We stand against very principality and powers. 

We are the heads of our families. We are the priests of our homes. We are the pastors and prophets of our homes. We are the providers and teachers in our homes. We hear for our families. We see for our families. We speak for our families and we protect our families. We cast the vision for our families. We pray for our families. We lead prayer in our homes. We are passionate for our God and our Maker. We make much of Him who has called us out of darkness into His marvellous light.

We love our wives as Christ loves the Church. We treat our wives like queens. We do not beat them or undermine or demean them. We bring up our children in the ways of our God. We are not ashamed of the gospel- knowing that it is the power of God that brings about salvation and reconciliation and true progression.

We are the mighty men of God born of the Spirit, filled with the Spirit, empowered by the Spirit, anointed by the Spirit, going places by the Spirit; going from glory to glory by the Spirit and going from strength to strength by the Spirit.

We are the mighty men of God and greater is He that is us than he that is in the world. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. We are more than conquerors. We have overcome the world. We are slaying every Goliath that shows up. We are exercising dominion and taking territories. We reign on this earth with Christ.

We the mighty men of God declare that the kingdom of God is here. We have acquainted ourselves with the Most High and goodness and mercy and super-abundant grace has been released upon us and we lay up gold as dust. We are heirs of God and joint- heirs with Christ. All He has are ours. We are laden with silver and our strength is renewed day by day. We are blessed with divine health and prosperity. Whatever we lay our hands to do prospers. When men are cast down, we are saying we are blessed and highly favoured and there is promotion and elevation for us. We speak to mountains and they obey. We are blessed with every spiritual blessing. Abraham’s blessings are ours. We dwell in Zion and sickness and disease have no part with us. We see where others do not see. We see with the eyes of faith. We see people as God sees them. We reach out for the lost. We are intercessors. 

We are bold and strong in the Lord, and in His mighty power. No weapon fashioned against us prospers. We ride on high hills. We shine wherever we go as light. We are like a city on a hill we are seen and acknowledged wherever we go. We are the salt of the earth and the light of the world. We make a difference for good wherever we go.

As mighty men of God we take risks for God like David’s Mighty Men. We spend and are spent for Him. We are kingdom- minded; kingdom conscious, Kingdom-gate-keepers, Kingdom financiers. We seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all other things are added to us. We are luxuriant in our growth, persistently productive and significant in our attainments. We bear much fruit-fruit that remains to posterity-from generation to generation. We operate with excellent spirit wherever we go and in all we do. Mediocrity is far from us. We stand before kings and not mere men.

As mighty men of God our opposition propels us into promotion. We use the valley of Bacca- valley of weeping as a place of Spring. Nothing fazes us. We are indomitable, unconquerable, unstoppable, exceeding abundantly able to do all things according to the power of the Holy Spirit at work in us. In every thing we give thanks to God who always gives us the victory. When we go through the fire,  we are not burned. Rather we are refined to shine like gold and reflect the image of our Maker and our God. We change the decree of kings like Daniel and friends. We use the word of God as our rod and part Red Seas and walk on dry ground. We walk on water like Peter of old. Our presence tame lions. When we speak, Kings listen and obey. We are created for good works. We are movers and shakers in our land. We are investors and innovator and trend-setters and pace-makers in our land.

As Mighty Men of God, we are complete in Christ, anointed without measure, full of God, replete with Him; as He is, so we are. In Him we live, move and have our very being. Nothing is impossible with us. Of His fullness we have received, and grace for grace. We are of God and from God and have overcome. Favour follows us. Honour and beauty follow us. The forces of success, prosperity, health and wealth are let loose in our lives. 

We are God’s Mighty men in these closing days of time. And we will fulfil our vision and purpose in our generation to the glory of God, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.


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