Going for Greater Glory ( by Fenny West)

Going for the Greater Glory

Going for the Greater glory

Is without a doubt God’s mandate

And when you do it’ll change your story

And make you like Bill Gate.

The fruitful field becoming a forest

Is the mind and the will of God

The glorious life becoming Manifest

Is the mind and the will of God.

Bearing fruit that is abundant

Should be your goal and mind-set

Having faith that is adamant

Should be your passion and quest

The glory of the latter surpassing the former

Is unquestionably your inheritance

Rising higher and higher, becoming better and better

Is indisputably your inheritance.

 So rest not you oars; rest not on your laurels

Press on for the mark of the high-calling

Take the bull by the horn and cross all hurdles

Hear the Voice of the Spirit calling, beckoning.

Go! Go! Go! For the Greater Glory

In all you do wherever you go

Go in the knowledge of the High and Holy

And put under you feet every foe.

The Greater One is within You

He will help you and bring you through

The All-sufficient One is within you

And He is always faithful as He is true.


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