Father You Are ( by Fenny West)

Father You Are:
Pastor: protecting, guiding, shepherding, caring, correcting ,counselling, disciplining, modelling, molding, interceding, planning, executing, appraising, praising

Father you are 
Prophet: seeing for the family, speaking for the family, envisioning for the family, prophesying over the family.

Father You are:
Representing us before God.
Repenting for us
Representing God for us
Reconciling us to God
Father You are
Going out in the rain and in the scotching heat to get the boon and bacon
Proving a roof over our heads

Father you are:
Reconciling us with our heavenly Father
Providing for the rainy day.
Forgiving like our heavenly Father and like the father of the prodigal son.
Loving us as we are
Seeing  the best we can be and drawing out the best in us

Father You are
King: representing the King of kings
Reigning in this life in line with the Word
Teaching us how to reign in this life
Ruling with compassion, consideration, kindness
Giving of yourself
Marrying grace, mercy and truth


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