You Are Great ( by Steve Crown)

You are Great


intro:na nana

( solo) Your are great, yes You are, Holy One

Walked upon the sea, raised the dead

You reign in majesty, Mighty God

Everything written about You is great


CH: You are great, ( You are great) ( say ‘you are great’ 2nd

You are great ( You are great

Oh You are great ( You are great)

 ( oh yeah )You are great

(Everything) written about You is great


2nd response high

 Music interlude (you are great)

Worship today, give you all the praise yeah ha ah

Mighty, mighty God

Worship You today

Give you all the praise ()

As we lift our hands you

With pleasure our hearts

We raise our voice to say

(Everything written about is great)


Isi ikendu… Ch

Demons trembles at your presence( igwe..

What a mighty God we serve ( )

( hosanna)Glory, glory halleluia x3

(Everything) written about you great

You are greatx ( )

You are great,( )

You are great ( )

…. X2

Strong and mighty O

Say ‘You are great, so great

W worship you. king of Kings ,Lord of lords                                           ,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          oh so great you are, doing marvellous things

Everything written about you is great

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