Dead Dreams Shall Live ( by Fenny West)

Dead Dream shall Live!

He raises the dead

because He’s the head

the Living Bread

on whom you have fed.

He calls the shot

no matter what.

Nothing too hard

No matter how bad or sad

He has the answers

As Alpha and Omega

Beginning and the end

Your Friend to the end.

So what has He said

that you have heard,

that is now dead?

He raises the dead.

Declare the rhema

Let it be your manna and mantra

Believe on Him instead

And lift up your head

Pray what He had said

Believe what you have heard.

Doubt your doubts

Believe your beliefs

Fight the good fight of faith.

Stand in God’s strength and might.


“Lazarus Come forth!” and Lazarus came forth.

“Tabitha arise!” And Tabitha arose.

“Young man arise!” And that young man arose.

Dead dream shall live

Because Jesus is alive

Dead dream shall live

Your dream shall live!

Your dead dreams shall live

Because Jesus is the resurrection and the life

Be it relational or financial.

Be it mental or incremental

 Be it Fruit of the womb?

Your health or boom?

There is room for your bloom.

Dead dreams shall live

Your dreams shall live

Because Jesus is:

 the resurrection and the life!

Dead Dreams Shall live.


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