Dead Dreams Shall live(1) by Fenny West

dead dreams shall live.png

Dead dreams Shall Live

Between the incubation and gestation of a dream, there will be contention, opposition and disdain.
But as you stand and dig your heels, and set your face like as flint, you will  triumph like Moses, like Joseph and like Daniel and Nehemiah.

Are you in contention regarding your dream? Is your dream fiercely opposed?
Stand still and you will see the salvation of the Lord. Stand still before the Red sea and He will part it for you to walk on dry ground. 

Be bold and use the authority He has given to you. Use what He has deposited in you. Use the prophetic word to wage a good warfare and win. Use the Name of Jesus. Go in the power of the Holy Spirit. Use the sword of the Spirit.


Dead dreams shall live like those dry bones in the valley seen by Ezekiel. Jesus is the resurrection and the life. And if the Spirit of He Who raised Jesus from the dead indwells you, He that raised Christ from the dead will quicken your mortal body, your mortal dream, your dead dream.


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