DeCember 2 ( by Fenny West)

Do what Jesus would do
Enthrone Him, enamored by Him enthralled in His love, engaged to Him, enveloped by His Spirit
Consider His ways, copy His foot-steps, catch His Spirit, carry His aroma
Entertain not the world, enwrap yourself with the Word
Mind your mind, your testimony, the truth
Be a beacon of light, best advert for Jesus, bring Him your best gift-your first love, your heart, be the best, be separate-sanctified-salt of the earth, light of the World-wedded and welded to Him
Evangelise, exude God’s goodness, enjoy God’s goodness and mercy
Reflect on your the past- achievements and failures and what you can do better next year, recognising reasons to give thanks.

Distance yourself from what corrupts, compromises
Expose every lie of the enemy
Capitalise on the season for Jesus-centredness

Enjoy where you are en route where you’re going
Make most of Jesus
Be His Ambassador, imitator, effulgence
Engross yourself in the Word-not the World and its ways
Rein in avarice, gluttony, rat race, Reflect well to hit the ground running in the new year; run your race with any weight, let or hindrance.

Draw strength from the Spirit to overcome worldly pull
Exemplify Jesus. As He is so you are
Carry yourself gracefully
Enter a phase of deep meditation of the Word
Meet people of like precious faith; make music to the Lord
Bury all disappointments of the past; be true to yourself; Be the change you desire
Enter God’s rest; employ God’s wisdom in all you do
Receive Strength to stand strong in the Spirit; Resist the devil and he will flee from you.



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