God’s Love ( A,B, C)

gods-love-abclove& spirit

Autumn Floral Heart --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Autumn Floral Heart — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

love1Cor13 rich in Love1 what is love love is the greatest hs 16 birth of Jesus9 birth of Jesus8 love tree

God’s Love: (A,B,C…)
Abundant, Amazing, Above everything, As high as the heavens are above the earth, Accepts us unconditionally, Always has the best in store for us, Affirms, Adorns

Beautifies, Believes the best of me, Better than life, Benevolent, Boundless, Bestows blessing, bottomless

Constant, Cares for us, Carries us when we are weak, Corrects us

Disciplines, Deep, Dominant, Does not fail or disappoint

Encompasses, Envelops, Endless, Exceeding abundant, Endures forever, esteems, Extravagant

Favour, Far beyond my wildest dream, Forebears, Frees

Greatest, Generous, Gracious
Higher than the highest, Holy, Humble, Holds  us, honours,

Is Infinite, Inexplicable, Invaluable, incredible

Jesus, Jealous


Limitless, Loud, like an ocean. You can see its beginning but not its end

Measureless, Marvellous,

Never fickle like people, Never lets us down, Never gives up


Protects, Prunes, Patient, Powerful, Persistent, Perseveres

Quenches raging fires

Remains constant, Redeeming

Sustains, Self-less, Shaped like a cross, Surpasses knowledge, Sacrificial

Tried, tested and true, Trusts, Transforms

Unfathomable, Unmerited, Unique, Unchanging

Vast, Valuable, Values

Was proved on the cross, wows you


Yearns for the lost and the sinner and those in the cold and clutches of satan


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