Hold Firm in the Lord ( by Fenny West)

Hold Firm in the Lord

Hold firm in the Lord

Hold firm to the end-

Rooted in the word

Run well to the end.

Have in sight the goal

Be not distracted

But feed well your soul.

Know you’re greatly loved.

Hold fast to the end

Never mind the wind.

Hold fast to your Friend.

Mind the things He minds.

Stand firm. No shaking

Be immovable

Stand still, believing

You’re unstoppable.

Your cup is: winning.

Your place is the top

Your place is reserved

And no foe can stop

Your place is deserved.

Look beyond the seen.

Let us cross over.

See what is unseen.

Lean on the Alpha and Omega.

1 Therefore , my beloved and longed-for brethren , my joy and crown , so stand fast in the Lord , beloved.Phil4:1 Phil3:12-4:1 2Cor.4:8-9,16-18 Heb12:1-3 1Tim.4:15,–6:12 Eph.6:12-18 Heb11:34-35,Jn11:43-44 Ro8:28,31,32,35,37-39 Mark4:35-5:1, Acts 1:8,Jn16:13,23,26


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