Seeing Through God’s Eyes ( Fenny West)

bounties and Blessings eagle eagle  coming good success1 God's plan david and goliath4 crdaniel In Christ fear not I am with you eagle eye 1 CG6C the Lord is my Light Ps27

See Through God’s Eyes

Seeing through God’s eyes

Will show you are blessed,

and have been delivered;

It will show you’re a heir of God

 and a joint- heir with Christ.

Seeing through God’s eyes

Will show you have be healed

Rids you of all fear and boldness

and have been regenerated;

You have the DNA of God

and so you have the nature of God.

Seeing through God’s eyes

Will show you have a sound mind;

You’re called to be the ahead and not behind.

It shows you’re not poor but rich

And daily in His presence you’re enriched.

Seeing through God’s eyes

Shows you are a chosen generation

and a New Creation.

It shows you are a royal priesthood

And His word is your daily food.

Seeing through His eyes

Shows you’re heaven’s citizen,

Set free from any prison

Created for good works

Called to do greater works.

Seeing through His eyes

Lifts your eyes beyond the skies;

You begin to see mysteries-

things free given to you-

divine secrets.

Shows you have been empowered

and called to rise, shine and tower.

You are separated, sanctified and sealed.

Seeing through His eyes

shows you have all pertaining to life and godliness

and you’re God’s righteousness

You are accepted in the beloved

and you’re born from above

born of love, full of love.

Seeing through His eyes

Wipes all tears from your eyes

To see you are a priest and a king

Called to decree, rule and reign with Christ

You can do all thing through Christ

And all things are possible with God.

Seeing through His Eyes

Shows angels surrounding you

and at your service and protection

you’re an oak of righteousness

Bestowed with grace and loving-kindness

You have overcome, have the victory

You’re more than a conqueror

You have faith. You have strength.

You have wisdom.

Seeing through His eyes

Shows you are the light

Called to shine in darkness

Called to cover other’s nakedness;

Called to be a witness

Called to be a co-worker with God

Called to be addicted to the word.

Called to show forth His excellence

Called to be a carrier of His presence.


3Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in ChristEph1:3

13 He has delivered us from the power of darkness and conveyed us into the kingdom of the Son of His love,14 in whom we have redemption through His blood, the forgiveness of sins. Col1:13-14;


1Cor8:9,Ro5:17,Rev1:6,Ro12:3,Heb1:14,Eph1:6, 1Cor2:9,14, 2Cor5:17, Eph2:8-9,10, 1Pet2:9

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