The Fight of Faith ( by Fenny West)

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The Fight of Faith

The Fight of Faith is good

If it is well understood

Jesus began it and ended it.

He showed us how to fight it

He won it for us

on Calvary’s cross

It made us overcomers

And more than conquerors.

The fight of faith is spiritual

Beyond the natural

We see the invisible

And do the impossible.

Because you’re on the winning side.

And regardless of the ocean wide,

No matter what betide,

On the storms of life you can ride;

All because of the Greater One on the inside.

Yes, Jesus has gone ahead of you

To clinch the victory.

He is in you. He is for you,

And with you.

So rejoice, again I say rejoice

Because there are more with you

 than are against you.

The Fight of Faith Is a good fight.

For you to fight

Not by your might

But as of a right

By the Spirit

Day and night.

So let’s do it

With boldness

And confidence

And importunity

at every opportunity.

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