Dad You’re a Superman ( by Fenny West)

Dad You’re Superman Dad

You’re a superman

thanks God made DadBorn from above

Born by the word

Born of love.

You’re a brand New man-

A new  Creation

With an inward man

With the divine nature.

God has His abode in you.

The old man is dead and gone

God is in you and with you.

On eagle’s wings you’re borne.

You are born again

And you are born rule.

You are born to reign,

Born to have dominion.

You’re born an heir of God

And a joint-heir with Christ

So take sides with the word

Take your rightful seat in Christ.

You’re born -not to be a ‘worrier’

But to be a prayer warrior.

So wage a good warfare

With the Word you share.

You’re a superman,

So rise from slumber.

Know that with God you can

So let no enemy or foe deter.

Take the bull by the horn

And grind him to a halt.

With the Spirit’s power run

This Great Race of Grace.

You are an overcomer-

More than a conqueror

You are a winner 

Of any battle. Christ won the war.

Now personalise it:

I’m a superman

Born from above

Born by the word.

Born of love…

Happy Father’s Day!

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