Father Like No Other ( by Fenny West)

you walk alongside me encourager fathers are wonderful footprints God made Dad happy fathers day I feel safe thanks you teach me


You are

Like no other:

 Rare, sincere

Stronger than the adder

Provider, Comforter

Teacher, carer, defender.

Strengthener, encourager


Daddy, You are

Understanding, helping

Loving, modelling, securing

Advising, correcting, counselling

Peace-loving, restoring

Preparing, shepherding

Reassuring, training, inspiring.



You are

Peaceful, truthful

Graceful, dutiful

Resourceful, faithful

Prayerful, Wonderful,

careful, purposeful

colourful, joyful


Father, You are

Humble, gentle,

Admirable, amiable



Daddy You are

Courageous, courteous

Humorous, righteous, joyous

Conscientious, generous

Industrious, illustrious

Gracious and victorious


Father, You are

Godly, manly, heavenly

princely, priestly, holy

Visionary, missionary

Sensitive, intuitive

Constructive, imaginative

 Bold, gold, jewel and  unique.


You are

You just one of a kind.


I can search the whole wide world and find none like you.

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