Do Not Let Go of Your Dream ( by Fenny West)

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Do Not Let Go of Your Dream

Do not let go of your dream,
No matter how hard it seems.
Coming soon is your harvest,
For which you did much invest.

Do not let go of your dreams,
No matter how bad it seems.
A great banquet awaits you.
A great conquest awaits you.

Do not let go of your purpose,
No matter those who oppose.
God is working behind the seen.
Be not moved by what is seen.

Do no throw away your dream.
You’re the top of the cream.
Despise not the day of small beginning.
Know your destiny is victory-winning.

This is the Day of your visitation.
This is the Day of your salvation.
This is the Day of your progression.
This is the Day of your acceleration.

No more stagnation.
No more procrastination.
No more retrogression.
No more indecision.

Rise up and fight the good fight of faith.
Walk by faith and not by sight.
Know that the summit is your right.
But it’s not by power nor by might.

So go with boldness.
Go with confidence.
Go with His presence.
His presence makes a difference.

Dwell in His secret place
There, inquire, seek His face.
And He’ll fuel you to run your race
With courage and super-abundant grace.

Arise and conquer in the Spirit’s power.
This is your season and hour.
You’re endowed and destined to tower.
So refuse any temptation to cower.

Drink now from the holy fount.
Mount up to surmount.
Soar with wings like an eagle.
Arise and obtain your miracle.

Jos1:8-9,Ex3: 2Cor.2:14




God gave me this word when I found myself in a cul-de-sac of life that was discouraging, mocking, disparaging. It was as if it was over for me. But God says it’s not over until He says so. All things are possible to those who believe.

 That may be your experience today. But you must see through the eyes of God. See beyond the seen. Stand to see His salvation. Praise Him in everything. Praise Him when you are surrounded by your enemies, like Jehoshaphat and Judah- surrounded by many powerful nations who hand banded together to put off their light, derail them, make a sport of them or even annihilate them.

As they sought God’s face, He gave them a ‘ridiculous’ strategy- to praise Him amidst the danger, threat and seeming hopelessness.

 They did and He not only protected them but provide for them superabundantly. He did more than they had asked or thought or imagined. That is my expectation. What is yours?



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