Whose Report Would You believe? ( by Fenny West)

Whose Report Would you Believe?

Joshua Joshua and parents


They wrote him off but God wrote him in. They put him in a special needs pigeon hole. They said he could not read or speak well and needed early intervention -confined to a special school.

But God put him in a different league of excellent achievers. His father and group pastor of Christ Embassy, Pastor Nelson, refused to accept their report but believed and confessed God’s report over his son.

Now see what the Lord has done.

Joshua Ngoka has turned out to be a computer Whizz kid and King’s kid and built a computer at 11.

All things are possible.

Have you been written off? Have you been discarded into the rubbish bin of life by those who are focusing on the externalities they see. Refuse to take sides with them. Whose report will you believe? Hold on to the word of God concerning you. He will perfect that which concerns you. You too will come out on top. You are a masterpiece regardless of your present station and circumstances.

Refuse to accept the lies of the enemy concerning your children, your family, your finances, your career or ministry. God has the final say. He is working in you both to will and to do according to his promises. Fix your eyes on Jesus- the author and finisher of your faith.


Unchanging God



Nothing Is impossible



You did it again



All things are Possible


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