The Place Called Calvary ( by Fenny West)

The place which is called Calvary.”

Luke 23:33

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The Place Which is Called Calvary

Carries a lot of history.

That was where Jesus was crucified.

It was there that the Saviour died.

There Prince of Peace was vilified.

That was where He paid the price

So that we may obtain the prize-

The prize of freedom and salvation.

At Calvary an innocent blood was shed

There the Lamb of God bled.

At Calvary it pleased God to bruise Him

It was there the sinless was made sin.

There Jesus bore the sin of the world

So that He may reconcile the world-

Enemies of God back to God.

At Calvary Jesus prayed for us

It was there He justified us

There He was numbered amongst transgressor

Even though He was the Saviour.

At Calvary Jesus finished the deal

There Satan’s fate was sealed

There principalities were disarmed

There was fulfilled God’s righteous demands.


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