Photographers’ Rare Experiences

rare expriences1

These pictures remind me of God’s desire for humans.  We were to have dominion over the earth and walk side by side with all of his creation.  If our hope is in nothing less then Jesus Christ’s righteousness then we will live in the New Jerusalem where children can sit by a den of snakes and play with them and where the lion and the lamb will lie down together.  These pictures are just a glimpse of our future.

Bernice Bruce

20+ Reasons Why Being A Nature Photographer Is The Best Job In The World

rare expriences2 rare expriences3 rare expriences4 rare expriences5 rare expriences6 rare expriences7 rare expriences8 rare expriences9 rare expriences10 rare expriences11 rare expriences12 rare expriences13 rare expriences14 rare expriences15 rare expriences16 rare expriences17 rare expriences18 rare expriences19

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