Today, Today, there is Melody ( by Fenny West)

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Today, Today, There is Melody
Ch: Today, today, there is melody in my heart, today.
(For my God)
Today, today…

He’s my health and wealth
My might and light
He’s my light in the night,
My Wisdom and Sight.
He’s my boldness, confidence,
my righteousness and defence
He’s my Peace in the storm
Because His Kingdom has come.
He’s the God of all Comfort
From where my comfort comes
He is the Bride Groom
Who always makes room
He is the Flesh of my flesh

and Bone of my bone.
He’s my Shield and Shelter
My Song and Shepherd
He’s the reason for my living
I celebrate! He’s risen
He is the a True Vine
Who’s made me a vintage wine
He’s placed me in the royal line
So in Him I’m always fine

He’s the First and the Last
The Best of the best

He’s given me a New Song
A song that will be long

He my light in the dark
Who always covers my back

He’s my length and breath
My height and depth

He is good today
And good all the time

He’s the Way Maker
The Power that’s higher

His presence is my joy
For He foils every evil ploy

He’s the Bright Morning Star
The Alpha and Omega

He’s the Day Spring of life
Who gave me abundant life

He is awesome and winsome
And in Him I blossom

He made me a winner
More than a conqueror

He’s the Lilly of the Valley
Who gives me the victory

He disarmed principalities
Made a show of them openly

I will praise Him, worship Him
Adore Him and thank Him

He put a song in my heart
And gives me a great start

He is gracious, precious
Righteous and marvellous

He gives a song in the night
Turns my darkness into light

He puts a dance in my steps
And always orders my steps

He took care of past
My present and future

He is my Shepherd
And I shall not want

He’s the Sweet Rose of Sharon
And the Rose in my thorn

He’s the One in whom I depend
My Friend to the end

He is a Friend in need
And true Friend indeed

He is my High Tower
Who enables me to tower

He’s the Master of the Sea
Who rules from sea to sea

He’s my Healer, Redeemer
Defender and Provider

He’s the Alpha and Omega
The Beginning and the End

The Author and Finisher
My Minder and Strengthener

He’s the Ancient of Days
And I will give Him praise

He is the Way,  the Truth,

the Life, and my God

He’s the Lover of my soul
Who is in full control

For in Him I live
Move and have my being

He’s my Saviour, my Rock
My Light and Fortress

He is Jehovah Jireh
My Provider
He is Jehovah Shammah
The Ever-present Lord
He is Jehovah Shalom
The Lord my peace
He’s Jehovah N’Kadesh
My sanctification
He’s Jehovah Nissi
My Victoroous Banner
He’s Jehovah Rohi
My Good Shepherd
He’s Jehovah Rophe
The Lord, Healer
He’s Jehovah Tsid kenue
The Lord my righteousness

He’s the same yesterday,
Today and forever

In Him I am blessed
Redeemed from the curse

He makes me to belong
And makes me very strong

With Him I have no care
Because He always takes care

He gives me boundless peace
Makes my struggles cease.

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