When Favour Follows you… ( by Fenny West)

When Favour Finds You

November angels more with you Peter rescued by an angel favour follows me helper Arise O Lord - Copy God's plan crdaniel
It will fish you out of:
1. Lo Debar-that desert arid land
2. The clutches of the wicked band
3. The dark, dreary, dank dungeon
4.The jaws of the lion and the purr of the bear
5. The chains of deprivation
6.The pangs and fangs of discrimination
7.The scourge of the wagging tongue
8.The hordes of wickedness and hell
9.The manacles of the prison penury
10.The miasma and mine-field of misery
11.The relational rogues
12.The fury of the fiery burning fire and
13. The diabolical triplets of marginalisation, disdain and ostracisation
You will then be catapulted to
The Kings table where you will be greeted with:
1. a sumptuous sup in the presence of your enemies
2. Anointing on your head
3. Green pastures and still water
4. Treasures of darkness and hidden riches in secret places
5.Abundance of the seas
6.Peace like a river that has burst its bank
7. A land with a pearl of great price
8.Angels on assignment
9.Exceedingly great and promises that are yea and amen on Christ
10. Abraham’s blessing
11.Citizenship of heaven
13. Being an heir of God and a joint-heir with Christ
16. Loving kindness
17. God’s goodness
18. God’s faithfulness
19.God’s ever-presence
20. God’s Shekainah glory

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