GOdly Goals ( by Fenny West)

Godly Goals

Godly Goals Make Me Go Places,
Not by might nor by my power,
But by His Spirit and His grace.
So help me, Lord, to tower.

Godly goals will help me to rise,
From mediocrity to excellence,
From obscurity to relevance;
From indolence to resurgence, dominance and resplendence;
From poverty to prosperity.

Godly goals give direction
for divine action and progression,
and impetus for focus
on the instructions of Jesus.

Godly goals bring promotion
and prevent stagnation or retrogression or recession  or consternation or depression or repression or oppression.

Godly goals do not  bring just activity but productivity;
not just motion but movement in upward direction.

Godly goals give enlargement of coast
not for me to gloat or boast,
but for me to be blessed to be a blessing to my church, community and humanity.

Godly goals make me stand out,
to remain stout in faith without a doubt,
and keep me
standing after fierce bouts.

Godly goals bring boundaries
that ensure protection
from fear and tear and care ;
protection from squandering and quandary and penury;
protection from false friends
diabolical fiends, ruinous association and communion.

Godly goals are preceded by prayer, undergirded by prayer, sustained by praying without ceasing in the spirit, with the Spirit, in the understanding,  with understanding and prophetically.

O Lord, open my eyes to see through Your eyes, the way to go about setting godly goals, today, this year and always, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

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