I Believe in Miracles ( by Fenny West)

I Believe In Miracle (1)

Regardless of obstacles.

My God has all power

In any hour, and demons cower.


I believe in miracles

That will demolish every demonic manacles

God will demonstrate His glory

That will completely change my story.

I believe in miracles

That shatters every fetter or shackle

I will never be the same again

I have the life of God-Zoe- in me to reign.

humble beginning In Christ- our inheritance hs 8 Mk16 17 18 healing words pro healing words call and I will deliver2 god greater stronger david and goliath4

I believe in miracles

That triumphs in all debacles

Through my God I do valiantly

Through Him I have the victory.

I believe in miracles

In all circumstances

My God is  always well-able

He is super-abundantly able.

I believe in miracles

That can raise even dead dreams

My faith in God shall not fail

Through my God I shall prevail.

I believe in miracles

Coming from God to strangle

Every power or principality

Every enemy or demonic entity.

I believe in miracles

Terminating every struggle or tussle.

Every satanic wall will crumble

As I leap over every hurdle.

I believe in miracles

Regardless of the crises

There are more with me

than are against me.

If God be for me,

who can be against me?

I believe in miracles

God’s Word is always credible

My God is a wonder-working God.

Therefore I will stand

on the word I have heard.

I believe in miracles,

Demonstrating the goodness of God;

The faithfulness of God;

The mercy and compassion of God;

Proclaiming the sovereignty of God;

Testifying of the power of God.

I believe in miracles

That part Red Seas

Make the blind see

Cure incurable diseases

And even raise the dead.

I believe in miracles!


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